Views Not Destroyed when Low on Memory


I’m in working on Chapter 7, Section “UIViewController and Lazy Loading” (using a Kindle - Locat 4388 of 15932). The problem is that when I run the “Simulate Low Warning” in the iOS Simulater, the HypnoTime app does “not” destroy/clean up the “HypnosisView”? I can see in the Console log where the HypnosisViewController and the TimeViewController “loaded its view”, and that the Low Memory command did send the “Received memory warning” message to the console.

However, as noted when I switch from the TimeView to the HypnosisView, it does ‘Not Reload’ (no console message) the HypnosisView, it just shows it - so it was never destroyed as it should have been.

Also, later in the section when I add the “green” Background Color to the TimeView and run the app and I can see the green background. I then switch to the HypnosisView tab and issue the memory warning command. When I switch back to the TimeView tab the Background IS still green (e.g.TimeView was never cleaned up/destroyed, when I issued the low memory command - this was when the Color setup was still in the Initializer as the text directed, when in this case it should Not have shown green.)

I’m a newbie, so any thoughts or help as to what I’m missing, is greatly appreciated! Lon


Same problem here, cant find the reason !


Found it here, dont know how i missed it before !



Thank you. I also searched before I posted the issue and did not find it. Great work!

Thanks again and have a great week! Lon


Encountered the same problem, thanks guys