viewWillAppear called before didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo?


After changing app to include the ImageStore dictionary, I stopped seeing the selected picture (using simulator) on the DetailViewController.

After placing some logs, it appears the viewWillAppear is called before the didFinishPicking…

I see two viewWillApear logs (null imageKey), THEN the didFinishPicking inserts the key. sigh Something is still awry in my code cause re-display the DetailView launches viewWillAppear with the new and proper imageKey but I don’t yet see the image on the screen.

Is something changed in iOS 6?


Problem #1 solved… I must have trashed some lines:

[imageView setImage:image];

in didFinishPicking… Now onto the missing image.


Did you ever figure out what was wrong? I seem to be having the same issue where the image isn’t loading…


nevermind, figured out what i did wrong, typo in BNRImageStore.m +(BNRImageStore *)sharedStore i left out the ! in
if (!sharedStore) {
// Create the singleton
sharedStore = [[super allocWithZone:NULL] init];

so it was never initiating. Thanks anyway.