viewWillAppear ... or will it?


In ch. 12, Camera, we saved the item’s image in the image store, and loaded it back from the image store and onto the detail view in viewWillAppear:. We did this because the detail view can get destroyed, on the iPhone, when it is not being displayed.

On the iPad, on the other hand, the detail view is still visible when the image picker popover is the top view, so viewWillAppear: does not get called right after the popover is dismissed. I had to go back and add [imageView setImage:image] to imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: so I could see the image right after the image picker popover was dismissed (on the iPad).

Just sharing.


I did the same thing by simply calling [self viewWillAppear:YES]


Good point, JBeloncik. I guess I never thought of calling methods that the system itself calls.

Thanks. I won’t be shy anymore. :slight_smile: