-(void)setCircleColor:UIColor *)circleColor;


Directly from p.113. Build fails repeatedly because of "use of undeclared identifier ‘setCircleColor’ ".Is this a misprint or am I missing something?


Did you declare the circleColor property from p.111?


UIColor *circleColor; was set properly in the class extension from p.111. circleColor accepted several times without trouble. Only chokes on setCircleColor in the method title. The missing bracket in my original question was due to my typing, it read correctly on the original. I have corrected it, as you can see. Thanks for your suggestion.


Might be easier to troubleshoot if you post the all of your code.

I have been working through the book and run into issues like this from time to time. Typically it’s an error on my part, but on a couple of occasions, XCode seems to have flaked out and shutting it down and restarting has fixed the problem.