Want to eventually become a developer but need some answers


Im only 13 but i am learning objective C and am planning on creating an app for my dad. I have a lot of questions to be answered.

How hard is it to be able to grasp objective C to where i could sit down and make a simple program?

About how long will it take to do the above?

Whats the best way to learn it?

I was looking at sample codes and theres over what seems like 300 header files with coding in them. Is this normal, or just in the samples, or if not, how hard is it to do all the header files.

How am i going to be able to do graphics for the app.

How difficult would it be to make a tabbed app, with a graph, settings, and that alerts you?

If i started a week ago how long do you think until i can make an app like the one above?

Remember im only 13 and schools staring soon so i wont have tons of free time to program.


[quote]How hard is it to be able to grasp objective C to where i could sit down and make a simple program?
Grasping a programming language is not that hard. The essential thing is developing programming skills and learning to use the Cocoa and iOS frameworks, and this takes time. How long does it take? Hard to answer, but it heavily depends on one’s level of programming knowledge and skills, on the amount of time and energy one is willing to put it. But the good news is that the more you practice, the better you get.

If I were you I would first make sure that I would learn the Objective-C programming language (this includes the C programming language too.) and develop programming skills. You can do this very easily by writing applications that you can drive from the command line. (Put aside the task of developing graphical applications for a while.)

I would be more than happy to coach you with developing your programming skills and learning the Objective-C programming language, provided you give your school work top priority.


I on chapter 28 of objective c and i have the ios programing book already. Do i need to learn there c language first? That would be great if you could coach me, and i’m an all a student and would like to maintain this for the rest of high school and college to get a good career, so my school would be a priority still. My school only does 3 days at school and the rest are at home. This would still give me a lot of time to learn how to code.


Since Objective-C is a superset of the C Language, it will be really good for you learn the C language as well.
Objective-C is just C, plus some additional syntax, plus a run-time system for object oriented stuff.


So should i stop the objective C book and learn c? and if so, how?


You can keep reading the Objective-C book in conjunction with a good, easy to read C book such as: A Book on C.

Make sure that you understand the building blocks: fundamental data types, compound data types (structs and unions), pointers and functions. Always test your understanding by writing small programs.

Here is a tiny (but important) project for you to work on:

Write a program that reads arguments from the command line and prints them, telling you whether each one is a number or just a string.

First, you need to define what a number is; anything that is not a number is a string.


C and Objective-C are languages, used to express your ideas. Translating an abstract idea into something that can be expressed in a computer programming language is its own kind of skill. You might want to look at something like "Think Like a Programmer: (amazon.com/Think-Like-Progra … 1593274246) in addition to learning language skills.

If you’re inclined to study computer science then Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is the motherlode (mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/) – warning: it’s a heavy lift. OTOH, if you get to MIT and can already discuss SICP you’ll have a much easier first semester.