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Hii… I am Jozef from indonesia,
i’m just beginner for mobile programming, i want to learn.


Hi! I’m Keerthi from Chennai. I’m planning to learn programming. So I found this forum helpful. Hoping t o get many ideas from here.

Hi! I‘ m zhangyucheng from China. I’m going to start my iOS programming career, so I came here to study useful knowledge. Hope I can become a really good programmer someday,and so do you!

Hey all.,
I am Abhi from Kerala. I have no prior knowledge about programming especially in Java. Knows little bit in C lang only but as I go through the Big Nerd Ranch book I made my first android application. It takes me almost 3 days to fully understand the GeoQuiz app and its codes. Now I have a plenty of doubts in my head. I completed the challenges also. That really challenged me. Now I want to learn more and more about java and android programming. I am unable to attend any kind of formal class so that this platform will help me to clear my doubts and learn more. Any how thanks for creating such a space for people like me.

Hello everybody! Hope to find some useful info here