What next?


Soooo… I kind of want to create my own game now. One that is 3D, using OpenGL, has Game Center, Facebook, and Twitter integration. After devowering the Objective-C and the iOS Programming books, what would be a good next book?


“The C Programming Language, Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie.”

Also make sure that you learn C++ too.

Linear Algebra: Matrix multiplication, transformation, etc.
OpenGL books: fixed-pipeline, and programmable pipe-line (shading book.)


Also, Expert C Programming | Deep C Secrets (van der Linden)


Thanks for the suggestions!

Any others?

Also, I kind of have my eye set on these books…

"Beginning iPhone Games Development"
by PJ Cabrera

"iPhone 3D Programming: Developing Graphical Applications with OpenGL ES"
by Paul Zirkle

Any thoughts?

Also, I am currently perusing
"The iOS 5 Developer’s Cookbook"
by Erica Sadun

I have no desire to use Unity or Blender, by the way…


If you are just beginning on this Journey, make sure that you are very comfortable with the programming languages: C and C++. Also make sure that you understand the fundamental concepts of Linear Algebra.

The rest will come naturally, of course, after a lot of hard work and tinkering :slight_smile:


Any suggestions for learning C++ (books, online material etc) focusing on iOS development viewpoint?


Here are three excellent books:

  • Bjarne Stroustrup’s Book: The C++ Programming Language. (He is the creator of C++)
  • David R. Musser’s Book: STL Tutorial and Reference Guide: C++ Programming with the Standard Template Library
  • Nicolai M. Josuttis’s Book: The C++ Standard Library

Although the first one takes a little getting used to his style of presentation, it is still an excellent book.

  • Learning the The C++ Standard Library (or STL) is a must for C++ programmers. It provides all kinds of data structures and algorithms.

Here is a sneak preview of STL at: sgi.com/tech/stl. (Also an excellent reference.)

PS: those books are all technology neutral, which is great for learning.


Thanks ibex10 for a quick response!

I am further looking for some help & guidance regarding study plan/roadmap, given where I am currently and what I want to do.

I was intending to edit my earlier post and include more details but now will post it as a followup so that it may also provide some pointers to others in similar situation as mine.


  • I have a day job and don’t s/w program at all. The closest I come to ‘programming’ at work is writing SAS programs and doing a lot of data/statistical analysis
  • I am fairly comfortable in C but has been a long time (8+ years) since I did any sort of programming with it
  • I am almost a beginner in C++. I have a copy of Lippman’s ‘C++ Primer’ somewhere in the attic but unfortunately I haven’t worked much with it
  • I am new to Obj-C. I am able to follow BNR-iOS Programming book well but I am trying to go a little deep on topics and sometimes that takes time to sink in.
  • I am rather comfortable with Linear Algebra, matrix manipulations and general mathematics/calculus/physics
  • I am a solo,casual indie developer (with family) intending to develop apps during evenings/weekend.

Strawman Goal:

  • Publish a polished iOS game (perhaps on the same scale & features such as ‘Temple Run’, ‘Mystery Manor’,‘Rope Cut’ or an ‘Angry Birds’ similar Physics game)
  • Target to finish by next year end


  • I am willing to put in the necessary work but also realistically I want to take on & bite only so much that I have a fighting chance of accomplishing.

Plan & Questions for Guidance

  • Is it not possible to build an (proper) iOS game by just learning Cocos2D?
  • If C++ is a must: Can you suggest a sequence of chapters from Lippman as a study plan that will initially at least get me going?

Thanks for reading & all your inputs & guidance !


Wow! You must be a some sort of domain expert!

Then fear no fear: You are almost ready to tackle your project (provided you are flexible with your time frame given that there is family.)

Since you wan’t to develop games, you should get into OpenGL as well. I am not familiar with Cocos2D but I am guessing that it is a framework doing something similar to OpenGL or sitting on top of OpenGL.

As for learning C++, look at it as a long-term investment. OpenGL’s API is all pure C; that means all you need to know is just C. However, creating object oriented data structures in C requires some work and is also error prone. This is where C++ comes in handy.


How I wish I could say I was :smiley:

It is exciting to rediscover the joys of pure programming after doing other stuffs career-wise. Doing this as a hobby is probably adding to the enjoyment.
I also found a copy of “Accelerated C++”, so probably will stick to it just because its compactness suits my bandwidth limitations.

Hopefully I can stay disciplined and stay true to the course.

Thanks for replying (and editing your reply!)