What's next after the book?


Are there any plans for a followup book? A book equivalent to BNR’s advanced iOS programming class? Any recommended follow up book by the authors?



We are still refining the advanced book - it usually takes some time before our materials become a book. That being said, your best bet now is to just start programming things and hanging out here!


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply.
Looking forward to the advanced book.



First off let me say thank you to Joe, Aaron, and the BNR. I am a senior at a small CS department in a large university. The very thought that something other then the curriculum laid out by our certification being learned by a student was practically heresy. Thanks to the BNR iOS programming I have gotten to break out of my cocoon! This may sound really weird but I would make a simple recommendation for everyone that does not have a background in it, I would suggest learning the concepts of data structures and algorithm analysis. There are lots of relatively short books on the generic ideas of data structures/algorithims; armed with this knowledge I am able to generally understand what is the best “structure” for the task. This can cut down the processing time of data tremendously. Also learning databases would probably help a lot as well, however I just read all of the stuff on the apple documentation for working with core data and it is fairly complete. This would by no means replace the cow book however its a nice start :smiley:. Gaining mastery over how the data flows in our programs defines us as developers, imagine that you have a data task that will take two days with the algoritim/structure that you are comfortable with/know exists, but it could be done in less then a minute with a different set of steps. That’s the value of data structs/algorithims. Its not a very “sexy” topic, not nearly as much fun as what we did in iOS programming, however it has made my life a lot easier as I have begun to develop on the platform. This is just a suggestion, I am not saying you should formally study and build all the common data structures from the ground up… especially since apple has already done that. However we can make better use of this by understanding them! Those are just my thoughts on the matter.


That is great news that an Advanced book is in the pipeline.

I cannot wait to read it! :slight_smile:

Finished this book last month.