Where is Android API Documentation?


Hi, first of all thanks for your great Android Programming book.
I think it is well organized for beginner to learn.

I’ve simple question. I can’t find Android API Documentation from downloaded SDK(ADK Bundle).
The file I downloaded is adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130219.zip.
There is no /docs subdirectory in the unzipped ADK.

(In this book’s chapter 6(page 121),
“You do not have to be online to have access to the documentation. If you navigate on your filesystem
to where you have downloaded the SDKs, there is a docs directory that contains the complete

Google missed it? Anyway it’s strange…
Have a nice day!


If it’s not there, you can install it from Eclipse by going to Window->Android SDK Manager, then installing “Documentation For Android SDK” under the topmost listed API.


Thank you, Phillips! you’re right. It works fine.

I think the documentation for Android SDK changed to be optional since Android 4.2.2.
So if needed olny, It can be installed by SDK Manager, especially when using ADT Bundle(?)
And in the book’s 121 page, it will be needed to add a few statements about it, I think.

Phillips, I’m translating “Android Programming” book into Korean.
Maybe 4 months later Korean version will be published, I think.
And I consider adding some infomation for Android new version to the book.
(By the recent news Android new version will seem to be Jelly Bean 4.3, not Key Lime Pie.)

Thanks again.