Where the heck am i


Is anyone else experiencing varying results when trying to test the whereami code in chapter 5? i don’t have a single working copy, even the book source doesn’t get my location and put a blue pin on it.
I get differing results on:
simulator 5.0, simulator 5.1 and my devices ( ipad and iphone with 5.1). These are the kind of errors i get with the books source code:

iPad & iPhone both with 5.1:

  • Whereami[6791:707] Localized name database is not present
  • Couldn’t register com.bignerdranch.Whereami with the bootstrap server. Error: unknown error code.This generally means that another instance of this process was already running or is hung in the debugger.(gdb)

Simulator 5.1:

-  updates user location but no map displayed
- Whereami[2485:11603] __GEORegisterNetworkDefaults_block_invoke_0: Could not connect to geod on com.apple.geod.defaults

Simulator 5.0

  • shows map but its of NYC not South Africa where I am
  • shows a blue dot pulsing but no map ( just a gray background and the text field)

Its so frustrating i’m considering quitting trying to get it working. Are the rest of the chapters just as tricky in trying to get them working with IOS 5.0 and 5.1? Not sure if this is just because of the fact that the map is needing info from the web, and yesterday i was running my laptop on 3g hotspot from my phone. Some of the results above though are from today, on wireless.

Any advice most appreciated

Thank you


Seems like there are issues following along simply because we are now using a newer version of Xcode. I am getting similar issues. I don’t see the bootstrap server error. I only see the “Localized name database is not present” in console and the map doesn’t zoom in to my blue dot. I am sure BNR folks will have a solution soon - 3rd edition. :slight_smile: In the meantime, if anyone has any solutions for now that would be great!


FWIW, I just ran Apple’s sample code project called “CurrentAddress” and I get the same “Localized name database is not present” in the console, and it does not zoom to my current address.


Other than the bootstrap error, this is just Apple changing how the simulator simulates location data. Not much we can do. If a map shows up and it zooms in (even in the middle of the ocean), your code works.

The bootstrap error happens when you shut down an app and Xcode gets confused. Typically requires you to restart your computer.