WhereAmI app crashes when reopened from background on iPhone


I have the WhereAmI app working and left it on my phone to show the wife and family I am learning stuff. It is exhibiting a regular crashing behavior though. Here is what happens…

When you first open app and run it it does fine,
If you hit home and then open it again within just a few minutes it does fine,
If you leave it in the background then reopen more than a few minutes (say like 5 or more) later it crashes.
You can then reopen it then and it does fine but the pattern repeats.

I have double checked all my code with the book and looked on the errata page but can’t figure out what could be wrong. The Xcode organizer shows logs for all the crashes but I don’t know how to read that yet. I was starting to wonder if since this is just a learning project app, not meant for real use, maybe it is missing something that makes it multitask/background/reopen??? correctly? I am using Xcode 4.1 on Lion with iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.4. I would be grateful for any assistance anyone can offer. I’m willing to up load my code or crash log also. Thanks!


I have downloaded the example code from the book and it has the same error. It must be that something has changed in iOS since the version the book was wrote for and the code just needs updated, or possibly a legit iOS bug. I am afraid I am just to new at iOS dev to figure it out and don’t wish to waste anymore time on this problem. Gonna move on to the next chapter and project.