Whereami does not add tag text to map


I could not get this to work, so I built the sample code downloaded from here (the BNR site, zip file)- Still does not work!!
Everything compiles without error, and all seems as it should, BUT when I enter text into the text field and press DONE, it is not displayed on the map. This on a 5.0 and 5.1 simulator, and my iPhone, 5.1.1. Deployment target is 5.0. It even finds where I am, just no text. Debug shows no errors, and the line
[worldView addAnnotation:mp];

does execute, and MP seems valid,

(lldb) po mp.coordinate
(CLLocationCoordinate2D) $2 = [no Objective-C description available]
(lldb) po mp.coordinate.latitude
(CLLocationDegrees) $3 = 37.7858 [no Objective-C description available]
(lldb) po mp.coordinate.longitude
(CLLocationDegrees) $4 = -122.406 [no Objective-C description available]
(lldb) po mp.title
(NSString *) $5 = 0x06d96720 whats here

Anyone else seen this?