Who moved my cheese?



I opened up the BNR version (downloaded it) and then did a ‘source’ compare on the xib files to look at the XML.
If you have two Xcode project open and have done a CTRL-F in both. Doing a CTRL-C and CTRL-V will update BOTH projects with the SAME find value. sigh
Looks like they are BOTH pointing to the SAME object instead of giving an instance per project. Not a feature in my book.

So I went dumpster diving for this ID in my project: ozX-hz-wuN
Pasting that into the Find dialog after doing a CTRL-F in the code text area ended up putting the SAME value in BOTH projects ‘Find’ windows even though the other one did not have focus.

Good times.

Can someone confirm it is really supposed to work that way or is this a bug in Xcode 5.1?

Makes me nervous about having multiple projects open at the same time if it does. That seems scary to me.