Why does the added image from Ch 5 not show up?


In chapter 5, we added a .PNG file of the BNR icon in the middle of the concentric circles in the HypnoSister app.

In chapter 6, we make HypnoNerd and use HypnoSister as one of the views, but in both my app and in the pictures shown in the book, the .PNG file no longer shows up. What causes this to happen? How can I modify the code so that the image remains?


The image is added as part of the challenges, but the book assumes that you make a copy of the project before attempting the challenges. The book then works on the premise that the challenges are optional and therefore does not include any functionality added within the challenges in subsequent chapters.


I see. Any ideas as to why it doesn’t show up for me since I’m not using a copy?


It’s hard to know without seeing your project code, but one guess would be that you haven’t copied the .png into the new project?