Why is my Lat & long San Francisco?


My console is spitting

Should I not be seeing my actual latitude and longitude here in South Africa?


After some research I discovered another simulator pitfall.

You can’t get your real location using the simulator. Looks like I will have to get my developer license sooner rather than later.


Getting the license soon is advisable, as nothing beats testing on the real devices, plus the goal is to get some apps in the store anyway. :smiley:

You cna still test in the simulator without it though, if you need to hold off on the license for some reason or another. Just because it thinks you’re in SF doesn’t mean the code is not working. :slight_smile:


Simulator wont give your exact location on simulator, but one can change the location to preselected list … after the simulator starts… but I guess you knew that as it is explicitly stated in the book in chapter 4, page 86, Figure 4.6