Why when I see my output at the end of everything is /n?


So pretty much lets say I have this

It should show as this in the output = 0 Celsius is 32 Fahrenheit.
Instead it shows this = 0 Celsius is 32 Fahrenheit./n

And I’ve been going thru the book (at chapter 5) and I type exactly what the book shows and in my outputs it always /n. While in the books output it never has /n. So how do I fix this? Also I use Xcode 4.2.
Thanks for your help in advance.


You’re mixing up your slashes.

To include an end-of-line marker, you need the backslash, not the forward slash.

printf("0 Celsius is 32 Fahrenheit.\n");


lol oh wow nub status for me thx for that