Wifi Connectivity in Android


Hi developers!
Sorry if this post is unrelated to Http and Background Tasks.
Since I didnt find any thread about Wifi so I put in this way. :unamused:

Anyway, my questions about Wireless (Wifi ) in android is … :slight_smile:

Is it possible if let say: :smiley:

1) Two devices are turning on their Wifi
2) They’re not connected to any network. No LAN, no bluetooth, no phonecall, no internet
3) They want to discover each other devices
4) They want to communicate each other (sending simple string).
5) They don’t want the intermediary devices for direct communication.
6) They are not having Wifi Direct capabilities.

I read socket and server concept in java, but they need to be connected each other / to any networks. Which means it is not what in my case (above). I need to know how each device could discover each other first before connecting them. And how to do that in Wifi?

I found Chord SDK. that simplify the wifi coding in android. But that only available for Samsung device. Sigh.

I found JXTA for peer2peer communication on java. But it need RDV to list down the IP address for the peer to acknowledge each other. Which means not fit to my case (above).

I found alljoyn library. But the examples are too complex to follow.

I found NearBytes SDK. it simple code that makes the devices communicate each other. I like it. But it only available for shorter distance (few centimeters). Which is not fit to my case (above).

so again,
How and what are the steps for achieving it? :astonished: