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Actually, this applies to 28 - 36

  1. Please turn humor back on. Whoever wrote 1 - 27 was funny and this made the book more enjoyable.

  2. Please turn sci fi references back on. We are big nerds after all.

  3. Somehow, and I wish I had better input (maybe I will later), 1-27 was easy to follow but 28 onward was hard. The cognitive chunks seemed half the size earlier in the book.
    Maybe the code listings are longer, which makes the number of lines of new code to discuss greater and increases the need to page back and forth. Maybe more diagrams. Also, screen shots help.
    I’m not sure what happened, but at some point I lost what we were doing and why. Hence the re-read becomes necessary.

  4. Please turn analogies back on. The Flash was a good analogy.

I’m going to have to re-read these chapters. My comprehension after reading them isn’t as good for some reason.

The reason I liked the first chapters was that it wasn’t dry; it was easy to follow and often entertaining.
Many experts can step through / explain complex material but it’s rare that someone can make it fun,
and that’s why this book is so great.



Thanks for the feedback! It takes a lot of work to make a chapter short, easy to read, informative, and enjoyable. It means a lot to us that you found so much of the book a pleasure to work through, because it means that our hard work paid off. (And I am personally warmed by the fact that you liked my Flash shoe store analogy so much. :slight_smile: )

I take nothing for granted, but if we eventually do a second edition, we will see if we can fix these issues with the later chapters. Thanks!


I personally would say similar by saying “You know of those Head First series? Just do what they do”