Wishing for Official Solutions


So far, I am loving this book.

I wish that there was an official solution for each challenge.

I appreciate that people are posting their solutions.

Unfortunately, many of us are really new to this. So, when a solution is posted that starts with:

“This wasn’t required and has yet to be introduced.”

  • or -
    “I used the init method to initialise my ivars and then used a random function to give random values.”

The solution loses value to the beginner looking for a clean code that uses ONLY topics that have been discussed.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone that shares their ingenious solutions and the additional features that you decided to add, but try to remember the rookies looking for clean code with useful commenting.

That’s why I wish for official solutions. The official solution may not be the “only” way, but it would be simplistic & consistent with the instruction in the book.




Good link… noted…

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person that’s wishing for an official solution book…

If you don’t want to publish one… perhaps I’ll get good enough in Objective-C to publish an
Un-authorized Official Challenge Solution book for $.99 …

I’m not opposed to making some extra $$$ … but your version will sell more than mine…


I think you probably overestimate the income that technical writing generates. :slight_smile:


ROTFLMAO! I agree…I also agree regarding your official solution stance.

I wouldn’t terribly mind, though, if the “chief nerd” might, from time to time, give a bit of gratuitous “code review” to those of us contributing solutions…the “Indian nerds” comments are welcome as well.

Joe (hoping he hasn’t offended any REAL Indians…or Chiefs for that matter :wink: