I picked up the Kindle version of the book last night. I’m already 30% through the book and I’m working every exercise and every challenge. I must say, great book so far.


Thanks! You make it sound like a Tom Clancy novel. I’m really glad the book is helpful.


Ok, I’m thinking the first portion of the book went quickly because I studied C in college (although I haven’t used it in 7 years). Now that I’m onto objective-c, I’m definitely slowing down. While I understand and can read the syntax, it’s tough to remember and recall.


Well, I’m sort of glad. I mean, if you read 30% in a night, the book would only last three days. I would feel like I had cheated you.

No, really, I hope it helps and I’m sorry that it wasn’t thrilling all the way through.


It’s definitely helping. I tried to learn iOS development by watching Standford Universities videos on iTunes U, but found my knowledge of objective-c lacking. I quickly was over my head and unable to keep up (in a self paced video, sheesh). However, the book explains certain concepts better and I’m really digging the object diagrams. They’re extremely helpful in visualizing what I’m learning.

Thanks again.