Xcode 4.2 ios 5


I followed the book and I had difficulties! Most new examples seemed to add the code to viewcontroller and not appdelegate. It just has Quiz as a folder and appdelegate and viewcontroller not quiz as a prefix. It aborted using your code but more disturbing no way was I able or aware of -init executing and building the two NSMutable arrays.

I added the itiialization code in viewdidload for ViewController and it worked fine! How was -init supposed to initialize from QuizAppDelegate because currently it is not invoked no matter where I moved it! Many Thanks!


The view controller does not seem to have its init called.
However the viewDidLoad method is called so you can do the initialization there.


hi Guys

I put the initiation code for Quiz (pages 20/21) in the “viewDidLoad” area,
as you both suggested, and my arrays still would not load. I, too, had lots
of difficulty working through the first chapter after making the transition
to xcode 4.2. Can you advise?



Check out this link: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=3336