Xcode 4.2 & this book


Hello all,

i was kinda wondering where this books stand with Xcode 4.2, ARC and storyboarding? Am i able to follow along with it, or should i wait for the third edition? I know i can still use ARC and pretty much ignore all coding regarding to memory management, but since even stuff like the templates changed i’m not even sure what to use as a window based application now. It’s either the single view or empty, but not sure.

So, any suggestions here lads? How am i going to tackle this?

On a side note. I am reading chapter 6 right now, and so far i think i’ve been thrown off a bit. Is this normal to be rather confused here at first, and it will clear up later? I’ve only read 1 book prior to this (on objective C).

Thanks on advance.

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I got this book today ! and I am confused with iOS5 Storyboards and ARC myself, but I read through some online tutorials of how to remove Storyboards and ARC, you can turn them off when creating a new project(Uncheck storyboard and arc).

I believe 'Single View Application" in Xcode 4.2 + iOS sdk 5.0 is the same as “View Based application” in the book screenshot and 'Window based Application" which is used in the screenshot is probably called “Empty Application” in the new xcode 4.2 ide. Beside I think I should stick with Managing memory myself and not use ARC at this point so I can follow along with the book, moreover i figured out that if we use ARC we can’t deploy to any version below 4.3 (I might be wrong on that, but it surely doesn’t work on my iOS 3)


Please see all of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=1817


Just like I said in the above mentioned topic:

I was getting frustrated at first, but after reading the short tutorial about creating your own MainWindow.xib ( http://chrislee.kr/wp/2011/07/24/mainwindow-xib-absence-in-xcode-4-2-beta-4-with-ios-5-sdk/ )I have had almost no trouble following the book. Creating your own MainWindow.xib only takes a few seconds, sure it’s not optimal but in my mind it’s a little easier (so far) than downloading a whole separate Xcode installation. And I’ve also got the option at project creation to not use ARC (just so I can follow along with the book verbatim).