xCode 4.3


With xCode 4.3 being released today, is there any reason I shouldn’t update xCode if I’m still working through the book?


Here’s what we know so far about Xcode 4.3 as relates to the exercises in the book:

  • The project and file templates appear to be mostly unchanged, which is good. One difference is that when creating an NSViewController or NSWindowController, as we do later in the book, an option will be available: “With XIB for user interface.” Keep that unchecked to follow the book.

  • By default new XIB files are created with Cocoa Autolayout on. This will cause screenshots to look a bit different than the book. In particular the autolayout constraints will be shown when a view (button, etc.) is selected. You can turn autolayout off in the File Inspector for the XIB file.

Depending on your pace, if you can I’d suggest sticking with Xcode 4.2 so that screenshots match up as well as possible. If you’re feeling pretty comfortable in your surroundings and are alright with poking around if it doesn’t match up, go ahead and give 4.3 a try.