xCode 4.5 - RandomPossesion fails completely


So I just bought this and have been trying to work my way through.

The quiz app works, but Chapter 2 and the BNRitem class stuff is a complete disaster, throwing so many ‘Parse issue’ errors in NSObjCRuntime.h, NSZone.h & NSObject.h that it just gave up, aside from the problems caused by the autoreleasepool changes. Obviously this has nothing to do with anything I’ve typed and I’m really not experienced to work around this, so has so much changed with 4.5 that it’s no longer possible to use the book?


Are you sure you created a Mac OS X Command Line tool application?


Thanks for your reply.

I did create a Mac OS X Command Line tool application but have since noticed that xCode 4.5 defaulted to a Type of ‘C’ rather than ‘Foundation’ in the pop up on the next project options page. I’m just not experienced to have known to even check something like this.

I guess my original question still stands - my biggest handicap in learning to programming either for OS X or iOS has been that with every new release Apple seems to change both the tools as well as underlying aspects of the language and classes that breaks previous versions and renders my learning materials redundant. If I say so myself I’m a pretty decent programmer in a number of other languages, some obscure, some not, and plenty of them C based, but for this reason have been banging my head against Objective C and Cocoa etc for at least 2 years now with very little to show for it!

Thanks for your patience.


Yes, this platform does move pretty quick and it is a tough to learn. As it becomes more mature, it breaks less and less stuff going backwards. (The 2nd edition book was useless only a few months after it was released! This edition will last longer.)

I will say this with regards to the style of the book: each little detail matters. So for those screenshots that have you create a new class or application, make sure you look at each possible control to make sure you have the right values. We tend not tell when we can show.


I’m a little mixed on this topic. I too get frustrated that some of the concepts and programming constructs seem out of date in a book I recently purchased. I’m only on Chapter 9, but have run into two issues that required me to dig deeper. HOWEVER, isn’t that what will have to do eventually anyway? I mean we will not always have a guide to show us every little step along the way. I understand that when trying to lean from a book we assume to be 100% accurate it is frustrating. I know. I’m not a programmer, well a professional one, and have never taken a formal programming course in my life. But I look at this additional research as education as well. It will serve you well in the future.