Xcode 5 and iOS Programming 3rd edition


Hi all,

I just bought the iOS Programming 3rd edition book and I’m having problems going through the first chapter with Xcode 5. Specifically, in page 3 and 4. When I create an iOS single view application, I don’t see the checkboxes ‘Use Storyboard’ , ‘Use ARC’ , and ‘Include Unit Tests’.

As a result in creating the project, I don’t see a QuizViewController.xib file on my project navigator. Please help as I can’t proceed.



Hi There,

Unfortunately the this BNR title is rather out of date now, as Xcode 5 automatically creates Storyboard applications, not with .xib files which is what you are expecting as per the book. ARC is now switched on automatically, so you don’t need to worry there. As for ‘Include Unit Tests’, these are also generated automatically generated, however you don’t need to worry about these as you work your way through the book.

I guess there are a couple of options for you really:

a) Delete the MainStoryboard.storyboard, then create .xib files yourself by going File/New/User Interface/View
b) Try and work with Storyboards - there is a chapter further in which touches on them, however you may still be a bit confused as you return to the start of the book

I appreciate your frustration at this point, however without walking you through this in a live environment, I don’t know what else to suggest (apart from purchasing a different title).