XCode 5 and Storyboards


Hey folks, I am on Mavericks/iOS7/XCode5 but going through the 3rd edition since 4th edition isn’t quite out yet. Storyboards are not optional now, and of course the code doesn’t work quite right as written in the book. I have worked around this I Hope but wanted to confirm. The book would have me add all the CLLocationManager initialization in initWithNibName:bundle, which doesn’t seem to be getting called anymore. Instead the template had a method named viewDidLoad, and that is getting called, so I did my initialization there. It’s working as far as that goes, but…

… is this going to bite me on the ass somehow? I actually managed to get through chapter 1 with a similar set of tweaks and blindly trying to translate concepts into storyboards, but I would love more experienced people to let me know if there’s a better way.