XCODE 5 Does that mean new books?


Already saw that a new Objective-C book was coming out in November. Will there be a new Cocoa book anytime soon?

Also I have seen MORE COCOA PROGRAMMING on the net…says it will not be available till 2014. Is this still happening?


I’d be interested in knowing about this too… Mac OS X Mavericks is on my dev machine now, and I have updated to XCode 5. I’m assuming a 5th edition of this book is in the works?


Registering my interest in this as well.


I really hope this is just around the corner. I am almost finished with Objective C 2.0, and I would most like to continue on with another BNR book rather than someone else’s. I do not want to read the last edition of the Cocoa book, though. Wow, that seems old!


I’ve also just finished the Objective C book. I want to program for OSX, and would prefer to continue with a Big Ranch Book, but the 4th Edition is now over 3 years old. Presumably, there are some appreciable differences between that and Mavericks / Xcode 5.

Is there a date for a new edition, or does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement book (reluctant though I am…)?



Aaron Hillegas mentioned in a tweet that they are using drafts of a new book to teach their classes, but that it still needs work. As for the release date, they’re waiting for WWDC before setting the date: https://twitter.com/AaronHillegass/status/436862129505726464.