Xcode 5 Issue with connections


Hey all.

I am using Xcode 5 and manually deleted the storyboard file and created a .xib file so that I could follow along with the book. However, now it is not showing the correct options under File’s Owner when I try to create the connections between the code and the .xib model. All it gives me when I right click on File’s Owner is “New Referencing Outlet” and “New Referencing Outlet Collection”. I have the code in up to page 13.

Any help would be appreciated.


Did you set the custom class of the file’s owner, in the inspector, to the name of your view controller’s class?
Without this, the editor can’t display the outlets or action methods defined in the file’s owner.


I am not sure. I clicked on the top option under the Project Navigator and set the “Main Interface” to my .xib but otherwise I don’t know where to find what you are talking about. When I right click on File’s Owner it gives me the options I previously mentioned but when I right click on First Responder I see the showAnswer: and showQuestion: methods I created. Sorry, I literally started using Xcode about 2-3 weeks ago working on the Obj-C book. Still really new.