Xcode 6.1 : Who stole the .xib file?


Starting to work through the book on Xcode 6.1 and ran into a problem pretty quickly as there doesn’t seem to be a MainMenu.xib file.

Under Random there is…


…but no .xib file.

It looks as though there are a few changes here or have I missed something?


When the book was written Xcode 6.1 did not exist.

It looks like you have created a project that uses a storyboard file rather than an XIB file. Main Menu is still there but hidden from the view. You can find it under Application Scene / Application in the Main.storyboard file. (A storyboard file is just a glorified version of an XIB file.)

It will probably easier for you, if you create your projects without using storyboards. You can specify whether you want to do this when you create a project.

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Many thanks.

I suppose I should really have figured that out as storyboards are new.