Xcode 6 and connections?



I have followed the instructions on using the book with Xcode 6. (viewtopic.php?f=481&t=9361)

However when I have declared the outlets in QuizViewController.m the only outlets that show up when I right click the File’s Owner in QuizViewController.xib is the View.

I have tried all possible solutions by now and am beginning to feel very frustrated. I wonder if I should just wait for the 5th edition instead to learn the right way to work with Xcode 6.


I don’t think this is an Xcode 6 specific issue.

Outlets and Xibs the interface builder can be a bit confusing and frustrating at first and when I was following the examples in the book I had to start over with a clean slate a couple of times. There are many moving parts and it’s easy to miss one - and tricky to clean up after you make a mistake. So hang in there :wink:

If you can post you code and/or a screen shot of your Xib (showing the Attribute Inspector) that may help troubleshoot.