Xcode autocomplete question


Is there a way to tell Xcode (v5.1.1) that I want to keep the case-corrected prefix typed so far, but not the autocomplete suggestion it has highlighted?

I ask because I noticed that Xcode’s autocomplete does case-correction, which means I can type without worrying about the camel-casing. But I find, then, that what sometimes happens is the following:

  1. I want an NSImage, so I type “nsimage”

  2. Auto-complete converts that to “NSImage” then suggests a bunch of things like “NSImageView”, etc.

  3. I hit Escape, or ctrl-e, or something else to abort the auto-complete, and the text reverts to “nsimage”.

The only solution seems to be selecting NSImage from the auto-complete suggestions, which can be slow, or else typing “NSImage”, which seems to eliminate what would be a useful feature.