Xcode documentation opening in safari tabs


As of yesterday, whenever I search for something like a class or method in the search bar of the documentation, a list appears as normal to choose from. Once I select a particular item, instead of showing the Xcode documentation, it opens a safari tab to a related apple developer page. Its usually not as good as what the documentation would show, so I don’t like it. But I have never seen this behavior before. I even had a few Xcode documentation tabs open before everything started to get redirected to safari. I have quit Safari and Xcode and even restarted my computer, yet this behavior remains on two macs.

Why is this happening? Is there a way to fix this? If I join the Apple developer program, would I get access to a more stable version of the documentation? I would do it just for that at this point. Thanks


I uninstalled Xcode and installed Xcode 8 (the app store didn’t give me the option to update). Now the documentation seems to be working and it is updated.


I am facing the same issue now with XCode 7.3.1. The context help (i.e. Option Click on function name) brings up the pop up help. When I click on the links in the popup help, it used to take me to the Xcode Documentation window. However, recently it has started showing the help content in my browser window instead. This is annoying, since I like the Xcode documentation window format better than browser. Has anyone else encountered this issue or know how to configure to fix it? Thanks


I don’t know how to fix it in version 7, but it works properly in version 8. And it seems quite updated. Maybe its something Apple is/was working on. Although I like the new updated documentation (can search in Swift specifically) the class inheritance information is all the way at the bottom and it only mentions the direct superclass, not the list of all superclasses. So I don’t like that part. But check out the app store for version 8. Although, it has a few other bugs to introduce in terms of outputting a bunch of information to the console and you may have to do a restart to get the keyboard shortcut to commenting lines to work.


I had this problem too. In Xcode 7 you need to open Preferences->Components->Documentation. From here you can choose to download the documentation and it will open in Xcode instead of Safari. For Xcode 8 this is no longer an issue.