Xcode version v.s. ipod version


I have xcode 4.1. I went through the whole process to register the iOS developer program and tried to provision Quiz app onto my iPod.
but i found out the newest version i could provision is iOS 4.3. my iPod has iOS 5.01.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks


While tutorials/hacks exist to get around it, officially you’ll need to install Xcode 4.2 in order to test on a device running iOS 5.0+.

The most recent released version of Xcode is 4.2.1 for Lion or 4.2 for Snow Leopard. Both are available from apple.com/developer/ios.



Do you have the get-around info?
I installed xcode 4.2 before, but most samples in the book would not work, so i installed xcode 4.1 back.
I hope to be more fluent with the development before I get xcode 4.2.