Xcode6 and iOS 8 with BNR


I’ve noticed that the “Empty Application” template is missing in Xcode 6 beta. Will that affect my ability to use the iOS Programming text? Will BNR provide workarounds if that’s what ships in the fall?
I want to stick with the BNR books, but don’t want to make things harder if the chapter instructions aren’t easily supported.



I can’t answer the BNR question, but as a workaround for the (currently?) missing Empty Application template, this thread may help.


I appreciate the link to the work around solution on Reddit, which was the answer to the original poster. However, I don’t want to use a deprecated template. So, is the best course of action to try and interpret the book’s instructions as storyboards?

I’m very new to iOS development and Apple’s dropping of this template really is inconvenient. :frowning:


Here’s the thing.

Xcode 6 is beta software. Coming in very new, you probably don’t want to dive in trying to learn with a moving target.

Maybe it’ll leave beta tomorrow with all of Apple’s other announcements; I don’t know.

But if you want to learn today, then either stick with the stable Xcode 5, or use the linked template with Xcode 6 to keep moving forward.

Yes, the preferred technique could change very soon, but it’s what works right now.

Apple has demonstrated repeatedly that they’re not afraid of changing things, either in software or in hardware. No matter what you learn today, it will change; the only question is when. But it doesn’t mean that what you’ve learned previously is useless; it’s a good foundation for what’s to come. See, for example, Aaron’s blog post regarding Swift.


Thanks. I appreciate the reply. I decided to implement the old Empty Application template and was able to work through the first chapter without any problems.


You’re quite welcome! Glad you decided to use the template; at least it should keep you moving forward.


Any update on this? I’m holding off on upgrading to the now-released Xcode until I’m sure it won’t interfere with going through this book (either by not upgrading or by whatever workaround there may be).


Xcode 6 will interfere with following the discussion in the BNR iOS 4th Edition. This is the voice of experience speaking. There is nothing to prevent you from installing Xcode 6, but do keep an installation of Xcode 5 to use with the book. I am currently re-downloading Xcode 5.1.1 so that I can use my two-week old and already out-of-date copy. Ouch!


This actually worked, thanks.

The template can be found at dropbox.com/s/tvptsastmq5i6 … mplate.zip. Download it.

Make the Library directory visible to finder: chflags nohidden ~/Library

To hold the template you have to make directory: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/Project Templates/YourGroupName. Where YourGroupName is the name that will show in Xcode containing your templates.

Then I went to finder and copied the Empty Application.xctemplate to ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/Project Templates/YourGroupName.

Then I went to Xcode and YourGroupName actually showed up with Empty Application as an available template. I then created a project from the template and it seemed to work.