Xib with iPad size



I read page 262 that you could create a separate xib file for the iPad.
However, how can I set the size to match the iPad ? The XIB has an iPhone / iPod Touch “size” in simulated metrics, but no iPad size … And my screen is not big enough to change manually (“freeform”) the size to 1024 x 768 …

Am I missing something here ?



If you are creating a new iOS Application, there should be an iPad item in Device Family in Choose options for your new project; just select that.


Make sure the simulated status bar is set to none, then you should be able to resize the view to be the iPad size. Alternatively, when you create a new XIB file from New->File … User Interface … View, you can choose the device family to be iPad. The former solution is easier if you already have a view set up that you want to make bigger. The later is easier if you are creating a new view.


Thanks for your answers !


Hi, I created a new Xib file and added the suffix ~ipad onto the filename. I have also added all the subviews onto it however I am quite lost on re-establishing connection part. How can I establish the connection?


Oopss, I fixed it myself. I forgot to change the Class Name of the iPad’s Xib and all the outlets don’t appear.