You and Your Main Thread


A little feedback on the above section.

Perhaps it’s a US-thang, but I’m from the UK and I really have no idea who The Flash is, or what the Brannock device is; it’s totally lost on me!


I’ll tell you a secret: neither do I. :slight_smile: We could definitely make this metaphor a bit less obscure.


You don’t know who The Flash is??!! :smiley: I guess he’s not as mainstream as I thought he was. - he’s a DC superhero in the same universe as Batman and Superman. He runs really, really fast. I don’t think he’s ever beaten up Superman like Batman has, though.

Now, the Brannock Device is more interesting. While almost nobody knows what I mean when I say “The Brannock Device”, I can almost guarantee you that you’ve seen one in real life:


The metaphor is gradually growing on me as I progress through the book. Could one line or so of explanation by way of introduction help things along a bit?


I’ll make sure an include some context for the next edition. Thanks for letting me know - I didn’t think folks outside the US might not get it.