You said that we would use Chap 8 Challenge 2


In Chap 8 Challenge 2 p101:
“Be sure to start afresh with a new project—in the next chapter, we will build on your existing project”

But when you get to chap 9, which is the next chapter, you say on p107:
“Because we have bound the contentArray of the array controller to the employees array of the RMDocument object, the array controller will use key-value coding to add and remove Person objects. You will take advantage of this to add undo invocations to the undo stack when people are added and remove:”

In Chap 8 Challenge 2 we do not use an NSArrayController yet on p107 you mention that we will take advantage of the NSArrayController.
In the downloaded examples you make use of an NSArrayController.


Not really a question just an observation.