3rd Edition 2nd Printing

We’ve released a 2nd printing of the 3rd edition. New printings give us the opportunity to correct a few minor issues with the text. We cannot add new content in these types of updates.

Here is a pdf of all of the changed pages from the 1st printing to the 2nd printing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/slqpqxqxxme20by/Android3e-2ndPrinting.pdf?dl=1

List of the changes (many of them reported here on the forums, thank you!):

Chapter 10: Using Fragment Arguments

  • Challenge 2: Improving CrimeLab Performance. get(UUID) should be getCrime(UUID).

Chapter 23: XML Drawables

  • Listing 23.3: Modifying the background drawable - parent="android:style/Widget.Holo.Button" should be parent="Widget.AppCompat.Button"
  • Listing 23.9: Applying the new button background images - ic_button_beat_box_normal should be ic_button_beat_box_default

Chapter 26: Loopers, Handlers, and HandlerThread

  • Listing 26.2 (and in the text right above it): gallery_item should be list_item_gallery.

Page 42 of 3rd edition PDF has .getTextResId(); instead of getTextResID();

Chapter 8 and all referencing to RecyclerView.Adapter:
Listing 8.18 - because of initialization of private List mCrimes; following code does not update RecyclerView
Listing 10.9 in method updateUI() - mAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged() does not make any changes in list of crimes because private List mCrimes is only local variable INSIDE adapter, and when crimes changed, adapter don’t know about theese changes and updated list with old mCrimes.