Allocaton Tracker - "This monitor is disabled"


… trying the Challenge exploring Allocation Tracking. On calling up the Android Monitor/Monitors tab, I can’t seem to find out how to enable the monitor - I have “This monitor is disabled” in all the areas: Memory, CPU, Network, etc. Hitting the Stop/Start button does nothing (scrolling is going on, but no activity). I’ve searched through all settings, and can’t seem to find out to enable the tracking.


ou can Simply Go To Tools > Android > Android Device Monitor in That Monitor you can find tabs like System Information or Heap. Is this answer your question?


another way you can have it. like this
Eclipse Preferences (OSX) > Android > DDMS > check Thread Updates Enabled by Default

Add Android Device view to get device pan(e) noted above

Set android:debuggable=true (two g’s) in app tag as noted above

Run your app in emulator

Select device in device pane

Click the update threads button

Ethan Stark


Android Monitor is not user-friendly. Neither is Layout Inspector.
Any tips on your favorite way of configuring Android Monitor?


well, maybe you should try any other programme?