Ambiguous reference to member

Trying out the code in the Application Data and URLs section at the end of the chapter.

[code] let fileManager = NSFileManager()

let urls = fileManager.URLsForDirectory(.ApplicationSupportDirectory, inDomains: .UserDomainMask) as! [NSURL][/code]

gives error [quote]Ambiguous reference to member ‘fileManager(_:shouldProceedAfterError:)’[/quote]

Is this simply because we haven’t actually installed the app yet?

No. That looks like a compilation error.

I have tried your code: it builds without any errors, with only one warning (with Xcode Version 7.2 (7C68))

Finally got it to compile with:

Isn’t that funny… Aside from the forced downcasting of as, to me they look semantically equal.

Though I suppose I should change the property name to urls, since this line of code covers both operations and ultimately returns the urls.