Back navigation needs two clicks?

I’ve gone back over the steps in Ch12 leading up to “Updating the Database” and I can’t figure out if I missed something or what.

When I run the app after the end of “Updating the Database”, making edits and then clicking the back button on the emulator does not navigate back. The first click on the back button does nothing other than the log output

D/TextClassifierService: No configured system TextClassifierService

But if you click back again, then the edit is saved and the app returns to the list view. At this time I get two log entries from CrimeListFragment:

I/CrimeListFragment: Got crimes 100
I/CrimeListFragment: Got crimes 100

Any tips to discovering what I’ve missed?


I loaded the project fresh from the book’s Chapter 12 resources, and I’m seeing the same thing. So maybe I didn’t miss anything.