Bind not working

Hello everyone, my professsor is using your book for our class and we have been given the assignment to use the code in coffeerun to create a form to order creatures instead of coffee for one of our projects. I’m a big Harry Potter fan so I went with something based off that. The only things I changed is the names of things. For example, I changed myTruck to myWizardingWorld. Anyways I started over in each chapter in coffeerun to recreate this project and now I get an error in chapter 10 towards the end. Its where you update main.js on pg 220. I get an error saying: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘bind’ of undefined” Here is a screenshot of my console:

Here is my main.js:
(function (window) {
‘use strict’;
var App = window.App;
var FORM_SELECTOR = ‘[data-creature-order=“form”]’;
var WizardingWorld = App.WizardingWorld;
var DataStore = App.DataStore;
var FormHandler = App.FormHandler;
var myWizardingWorld = new WizardingWorld(‘ncc-1701’, new DataStore());
window.myWizardingWorld = myWizardingWorld;
var formHandler = new FormHandler(FORM_SELECTOR);


And here is my formhandler.js:
(function (window) {
‘use strict’;
var App = window.App || {};
var $ = window.jQuery;

function FormHandler(selector) {
if (!selector) {
throw new Error(‘No selector provided’);

this.$formElement = $(selector);
if (this.$formElement.length === 0) {
  throw new Error('Could not find element with selector: ' + selector);


FormHandler.prototype.addSubmitHandler = function (fn) {
console.log(‘Setting submit handler for form’);
this.$formElement.on(‘submit’, function (event) {

var data = {};
$(this).serializeArray().forEach(function (item) {
  data[] = item.value;
  console.log( + ' is ' + item.value);


App.FormHandler = FormHandler;
window.App = App;