Broccoli plugin throws Error

Every time I save my files, it throws: “Error: Closing tag div (on line 28) without an open tag”. I deleted that div, and it gave me another error saying that its parent element didn’t have a closing tag either. I may as well delete my entire HTML and it will still give me that error. I know there’s no mistake because Atom says there are no issues with my code. What can I do?

It’s weird because everything seems perfect until I add the navbar to app/templates/application.hbs .That’s when my app crashes and the console throws an error.

I realize it’s been 22day since this post, sorry for the delay. Was this resolved? The best way to debug a closing tag issue is to start at the lowest point in the tree and delete pairs of <div></div> tags and other element tag pairs to make sure other elements are not in the way of a closing tag. I can take a look if you want want to copy and paste the code into this window.