Bronze Challenge - input entry is right-aligned

I went through the steps on pp. 232-3 (except for adding a text field in step 3), and my text input suddenly became right-aligned:

I went with “Center Horizontally” instead of “Leading” when I control-dragged from the text input to the ‘degrees Fahrenheit’ label and onward. But that didn’t change the appearance.

Did anyone else see this?

I didn’t add any constraints between the items in the stack view, I just set the contents of each label & text field to be center aligned and figured that was sufficient. The control dragging performed on page 233 was only necessary to get the leading edges of the text fields aligned because there was something else to the left of them throwing off the alignment. In World Trotter, each item is by itself in one of the vertical stack view cells with nothing to the left of it; if you set the vertical stack view Alignment attribute to Fill, the labels & text fields take up the entire width of the stack view which is enough to align them.

Judging by your picture, it looks like you aligned the leading edge of the text field to the center of the “degrees Fahrenheit” label. Or perhaps the text field contents are set to right align?

I checked my alignment settings for the items. They’re all set to center-align.

Did you remove all pre-existing constraints before adding the Stack View?

I think I got it – I set the axis for the text field’s stack view to Horizontal and its Alignment to Center. I also enabled ‘Adjust to Fit’ for the text field’s font size.

Not exactly. I just selected the 5 text fields & labels and then clicked on the Embed In button & selected Stack View. But that seems to automatically delete the previous constraints on those items, so I did wind up deleting them, just not explicitly.

I made contraint below.

Screen direction works fine in iPhone SE 2nd.