Button not showing suspect name

When I press on the button Select Suspect I can select a suspect from the contacts. However, the suspect name does not show up on the button (Emulator). When then I press on the Send Report button, the name shows up. When I go back to the list and press the link again, the suspect name is not there any more. However, when pressing on the Send Report button the name shows again up. I confirmed that I followed exactly the way, it was written in the book.

Thank you for any input.

My mistake: I had put this code in updateUi:

val selectSuspectIntent = selectSuspect.contract.createIntent(
crimeSuspect.isEnabled = canResolveIntent(selectSuspectIntent)

Of course the name shows only up when I press the Report Crime button, since when the view is created the original text Choose Suspect appears again.