Calling all Space Commanders! Help Shape Our Pixel Planet Defender Game!

Hey there, fellow gamers and space enthusiasts!

I’m thrilled to share a fantastic game idea that I’ve been brewing up called “Pixel Planet Defender.” It’s an web game that merges the excitement of tower defense with the fast-paced action of space shooting, all wrapped up in a delightful pixel-art package. But I can’t do it alone—I need your support and feedback to make it a stellar success!

Game Concept:
In “Pixel Planet Defender,” you’ll step into the shoes of a skilled space commander entrusted with safeguarding multiple planets scattered across the galaxy. Our universe is under threat from invading alien forces, and it’s up to you to lead the charge in protecting these planets from imminent danger.

Its my FYP projects and I want your ideas to make it so perfect that’s why I join with this community

For personal talks you can email me @ Astro Luna

please come forward if you want to help me