Can't see debug stack on page 152

Great 5th addition, kudos to you guys for updating the book. I’ve read and worked through most of the previous editions, great job on keeping the good stuff and updating the stuff that has/will be deprecated.

I’ve spent about half an hour trying to figure this out and I’m stuck. No where in the debug stack do I see the stack shown on page 152 and 153 after having set a break point on the temperature getter/setter ( I see what appears to be assembly language stacks). Is there a debug setting I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

Glad you are enjoying the book!

The stack traces shown in the book were generated by copying the stack frames from the Debug Inspector. Xcode puts a text representation on the pasteboard. We hoped this would be more readable than a screenshot. If you have the Debug Inspector shown you should see the same information. You can see similar output using the “bt” (backtrace) command in the debugger console.

If that doesn’t help, can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Thanks Adam, I figured it out. I was looking at the navigator area where all the threads are displayed. Once I looked in the debug nav bar and clicked on the frame I saw a stack similar to the one you listed. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!