Ch. 3, p. 43 ERROR: Use of unresolved identifier 'self'

I am getting error around using the self operator when running code from Chapter 3, p. 43. I THINK I have entered the code properly, but I am unsure if I am hitting another Swift 2.x - Swift 3.0 issue…?

//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play

import Cocoa

// METHODS allow you to add functionaliy to your data
// types. You can add methods to structures as well as classes
// and enums.
// INSTANCE METHODS operate within the context of a single
// instance of the type.
struct Vector {
    var x:Double
    var y:Double
    init(x: Double, y:Double) {

func vectorByAddingVector(vector: Vector) -> Vector  {
    return Vector (x: self.x + vector.x, // ERROR: Use of unresolved identifier 'self'
                   y: self.y + vector.y) // ERROR: Use of unresolved identifier 'self'

let gravity=Vector(x:0.0, y: 9.8)

Use of self in a function implies that the function is a method and therefore it must be part of a struct, enum, or class type.

struct Foo {
   let jibber:Jibber
   func jibberredBar () -> Bar {
      return Bar (jibber:self.jibber)

In your code, put the function vectorByAddingVector inside the struct Vector.

I figured that out, but have no idea how to ‘close out’ a question if I figure it out subsequently.

Can that be done on this system?


Steve O’Sullivan

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