Challenge: Can't Find GeoQuiz in File Explorer

In the challenge at the end of Chapter one, it says “In your computer’s file explorer, navigate to the root directory of your project. Copy the GeoQuiz folder and Paste a new copy next to the original”. Whenever I open my file explorer, I can’t seem to find where to access GeoQuiz and make a copy of that I can use for the challenge. I’ve searched the tabs, will be very thankful for any help.

You can right click on a file in Android Studio’s file explorer and there’s an option to open your computer’s file browser to that file. That should help you find the location.

Awesome, thanks cstewart

Hey cstewart, I hate to bug you again, but I’m stuck still. Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is what I’m doing just copying this project to work the code for just the challenge that way I can maintain using the original GeoQuiz?


In my first comment, I was talking about finding the existing project on your computer. This image is what I was talking about:

I think the top of the Android Studio window also says where your project is stored.

Once you’ve found your project in a file browser, copy the entire folder (the whole GeoQuiz folder) into a new location and with a new name. Then, in Android studio, go to file -> open and navigate to that new folder. You should be able to open the project that way.

Does that help?

Yes sir that did it. Thanks again for your time