Challenge: Color Text as SpeakLine Speaks It

I must admit, I was rather hesitant when I started this challenge, as I wasn’t overly confident on the implementation of delegates. However, after re-reading the relevant sections, I found that the answers were all there in the text.

Firstly, I implemented the ‘willSpeakWord’ delegate method:

func speechSynthesizer(sender: NSSpeechSynthesizer, willSpeakWord characterRange: NSRange, ofString string: String) {
        let myString = NSMutableAttributedString(string: string)
        myString.addAttribute(NSForegroundColorAttributeName, value: NSColor.redColor(), range: characterRange)
        textField.attributedStringValue = myString

Then I disabled the textField after clicking the button:

@IBAction func speakIt(sender: NSButton) {
    // Get typed-in text as a string
    let string = textField.stringValue
    if string.isEmpty {
        print("string from \(textField) is empty", terminator: "")
    } else {
        isStarted = true
        self.textField.enabled = false

I re-enabled it when the speech had finished:

func speechSynthesizer(sender: NSSpeechSynthesizer, didFinishSpeaking finishedSpeaking: Bool) {
    isStarted = false
    print("finishedSpeaking=\(finishedSpeaking)", terminator: "")
    self.textField.enabled = true

It’s great that this book constantly encourages you to reinforce the aspects that you were starting to get fuzzy over…